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Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature – scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine social sciences and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. From researchers pursuing scientific breakthroughs to academic institutions and government agencies evaluating research, Scopus is the abstract and indexing database of choice. Worldwide, Scopus is used by more than 3,000 academic, government and corporate institutions and is the main data source that supports the Research Intelligence portfolio.


2.  ScienceDirect 

ScienceDirect combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality so that users can stay informed in their fields and can work more effectively and efficiently. Millions of publications from full-text journal articles to authoritative books. Elsevier’s stringent publishing standards guarantee quality publications. Journals are guided by eminent editorial boards and articles are rigorously peer-reviewed. Books on ScienceDirect cover 24 subject collections across disciplines such as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, chemistry, clinical medicine, engineering and veterinary medicine. Thousands of Elsevier journals, articles and book chapters are available on ScienceDirect as open access. Improve your research performance today.


3. EBSCO Academic Search Ultimate

Academic Search Ultimate offers students an unprecedented collection of peer-reviewed, full-text journals, indexed in leading citation indexes. The combination of academic journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, books and videos meets the needs of scholars in virtually every discipline ranging from Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology, Arts & Architecture, Language, History, Social science, political science, Forensic science, astronomy, anthropology, biomedicine, engineering, health, law and literacy to mathematics, pharmacology, zoology and more. It has approx. 9,000 full-text journals and magazines and 77000 videos available from Associated press from 1930.


4. EBSCO Business Source Ultimate

Business Source Ultimate has a winning formula: Business students learn about accounting, finance, banking, marketing, economics, commerce management and much more with one comprehensive package that also includes full text of journals found in key subject indexes. In addition to accessing essential full-text journals, business students can delve into case studies, country economic reports and company profiles, as well as interviews with executives and analysts – the key players whose roles they are studying to fill.
It has approx. 3300 full-text journals and magazines. It is the best asset any business student or faculty can have. It includes – Case studies, Industry profiles, SWOT analyses, Books/Monographs, Articles from business journals, magazines and trade publications, Market research, Product reviews, News articles, Country reports etc.


5. EBSCO Sociology Source Ultimate

Offering more peer-reviewed, full-text journals than any other sociology research database, Sociology Source Ultimate provides the must-have materials for students studying social behaviour and interaction. Topics range from gender identity, marriage and family, to demographics, Population growth, Poverty and wealth, Social movements, political sociology, religion and socio-cultural anthropology. It contains nearly 1000 full-text journals and magazines.


6. EBSCO Applied Science & Technology Source

Applied Science & Technology Source offers a diverse array of full-text and indexed content covering the full spectrum of the applied sciences and computing disciplines — from acoustics to aeronautics, neural networks to nuclear engineering. It focuses on traditional engineering challenges and research, as well as research concerning the business and social implications of new technology. Contents in ASTS includes nearly 800 full-text, journals and magazines. Subjects in ASTS includes – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Psychology, Forensic science, Aerospace, Agricultural engineering, Chemical engineering, Computer science, Genetics, Hydroponics, Mechanical engineering, Pharmacology, Robotics, Software development and more.


7. EBSCO Engineering Source

Engineering Source is the premier database for professionals and researchers across all engineering disciplines, including biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental and software. It includes hundreds of full-text engineering journals, magazines and trade publications, plus books, conference papers and more. It includes more than more than 1,000 full-text publications.


8. EBSCO Humanities Source Ultimate

Humanities Source Ultimate is an essential resource for students, researchers and educators interested in all aspects of the humanities. It offers a wide variety of resources, such as feature articles, interviews, obituaries, bibliographies, book reviews, original works of fiction, reviews of ballets, dance programs, motion pictures, musicals, operas and plays that illuminate human thinking, action and interaction. In addition, hundreds of English-language and native-language full-text journals from Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America bring a global perspective to researching the human experience. is a valuable collection for libraries looking to provide comprehensive coverage of the humanities with full-text content. It contains nearly 1,715 full-text journals and magazines.


9. EBSCO eBooks Academic Subscription Collection

This multidisciplinary collection includes thousands of e-books covering a large selection of academic subjects and features e-books from leading publishers and university presses. It is a great deal to anyone for many reasons such as – Low price for a large volume of multidisciplinary e-books, Unlimited user access with no turnaways, New e-books added regularly at no additional cost, Complimentary MARC Records, etc. This collection has a great range of subjects covering from Business and economics, Education, Language, arts and disciplines, Political science, Religion, Literary criticism, Medical, Social, Science, Philosophy, to Technology and engineering and World history. Some of the Leading University presss and publishers include Elsevier, Harvard University Press, John Wiley and Sons, Oxford University press, Taylor and Francis, etc.


10. EBSCO Regional Business News

This database provides extensive coverage for full-text regional business publications from the United States and Canadian provinces. Scholars and academic researchers can access essential newspapers, radio and TV news transcripts, trade publications, magazines, newswires and videos.